why connecting to airbnb can benefit your bb

why connecting to airbnb can benefit your bb why connecting to airbnb can benefit your bb

A recent announcement has presented an exciting opportunity for B&Bs and small, boutique hotels to boost their distribution and reach even more travellers than ever.

The home-sharing leader, Airbnb, has launched officially into hotel and B&B offerings, giving travellers much more choice when it comes to choosing their accommodation on the platform. For unique, charming, and quirky properties that provide a quality guest experience, it’s a chance to reach a bigger and more consistent audience.

With a review system that allows the property to also offer feedback on guests, it gives you more control over your reputation.

Who can connect your B&B to Airbnb?

Airbnb has been very specific about who they use as technology partners. Little Hotelier is the world’s first all-in-one solution to give its customers the ability to quickly and easily list real-time rate and availability information on Airbnb.

The best news is that the integration is available right now.

How does the connection work?

If you want to take full advantage of Airbnb and manage it alongside your other channels, it’s a good idea to do it through Little Hotelier’s channel manager.

Existing users of Little Hotelier’s channel manager can apply to be listed on Airbnb.

Non-customers must be active in a free trial of Little Hotelier with at least one other live online channel to begin an Airbnb application.

Of course, Airbnb has a set criteria for which properties will suit their platform and not all will be accepted. If approved, your real-time rate and availability information will be sent out to Airbnb and all reservation data will be delivered back into Little Hotelier.

Although some providers claim they support an Airbnb connection through calendering technologies, these solutions have several limitations including the fact that they are not real-time connections, which can lead to disappointing guest experiences such as accidental double bookings and forced cancellations.

You can read more on channel management here.
Interested B&Bs can submit their application to list with Airbnb, by clicking here.

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why connecting to airbnb can benefit your bb 2