why bb customers are expecting flexible check in and check out times

why bb customers are expecting flexible check in and check out times why bb customers are expecting flexible check in and check out times

The guests who stay at your B&B come from all over the world, which means that travel plans and logistics are going to vary from one guest to the next. By having a flexible check-in and check-out policy, you will instantly improve the guest experience at your property.

Here are five reasons to consider offering flexible guest arrival and departure times.

1. You can generate additional revenue with a flexible time package

As a B&B operator, you know that there’s a reason why most hotels operate on a schedule where check-in takes place in the late afternoon and check-out takes place in the late morning hours. However, more and more guests are finding this inconvenient, and they are willing to pay more to enjoy greater flexibility. You can offer a flexible time package that allows guests to choose their own check-in and check-out times, and use this as an opportunity to generate additional revenue for your property.

2. It helps you compete against alternative accommodations

The sharing economy has ushered in unique competitors, such as Airbnb, which allows guests to be more flexible in their travel plans. By creating a flexible time option for your guests, you can better compete against the Airbnb listings that are popping up in your area, and also make your own listing more attractive should you have one.

3. You can use your mobile app to minimise administrative work

Obviously, to offer flexible guest arrival and guest departure times, you need to adjust your own administrative schedule. This can be quite difficult, especially for B&B operators with minimal staff.

To avoid this issue, invest in a mobile app for your property that allows your guests to check-in and check-out on their own. You don’t become bogged down with extra work at an inconvenient time, and they don’t have to wait to get into their room.

4. It will help you attract different traveller segments

Younger travellers and solo travellers prefer to be more spontaneous, and they are more likely to book a room at a B&B that offers them more flexibility.

By creating alternative check-in and check-out times for your guests, you will begin to attract these motivated travellers.

5. It will make your guests happier

Travellers are becoming increasingly frustrated by the standard check-in and check-out times at B&Bs around the world, and it can have a significant impact on the way they view your property. By creating this new type of policy, you will see a direct impact on your guest satisfaction ratings and an improvement in your online reviews.

Many people choose to stay at B&Bs because it is a more authentic and personal experience. They are looking for customised options, which can include flexible guest arrival and guest departure times.

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why bb customers are expecting flexible check in and check out times 2