Who’s the perfect market for your B&B? (…and how to find them)

whos the perfect market for your bb and how to find them whos the perfect market for your bb and how to find them

Every B&B operator wants to maximise their bookings, because this is the best way to enhance brand recognition and earn more revenue. The key to increasing bookings on a regular basis is to identify a target market for your property and learn how to attract that market.

Here are a few tips to help you identify the perfect market for your B&B:

Implement a distribution strategy and track the results

The first step in identifying the right market for your B&B is to discover who is booking rooms at your property. Begin by creating and implementing a distribution strategy aimed at a global audience. Partner with OTAs, retail travel agents and other distribution partners so that you can reach a wide range of travellers. Once your distribution strategy is in place, be sure to track the results and analyse the data that you receive.

This should give you insight into the people who stay with you most frequently. Take note of their age range, their gender, their traveller status, their destination of origin and more.

Send out surveys to get more information about the guest experience

After a guest has checked out from your property, send them a post-stay survey to garner more insight into how their stay went and if they would recommend your property to a friend. Ask them questions about the purpose of their trip or why they chose to stay at your B&B, and invite them to offer feedback that will help you improve the guest experience for others.

Monitor all results, and continue to tailor the guest experience to meet the needs and expectations of your target market segment.

Solicit and monitor online feedback

Encourage your guests to leave feedback online. Some of the most popular portals for online feedback include Facebook and TripAdvisor. By establishing a presence on these social sites, your target market will begin to trust your brand. Third party feedback is considered to be extremely valuable among prospective travellers.

Of course, you need to monitor the feedback that you receive and respond to reviewers when necessary. Take note of negative feedback, and attempt to improve the guest experience at your B&B based on the comments that are left on these review pages.

Use data to create a customer profile

By utilising an online booking system that collects valuable data, you will be able to easily build a customer profile for your brand. This customer profile should describe the average guest who stays with you.

Through data collection, you will be able to discover whether it’s Millennials or Baby Boomers who most often book your rooms, or whether you attract more business or leisure guests.
With an accurate customer profile available, you will be able to fine tune your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Once you have identified your target market segment, you can begin creating a marketing strategy and distribution plan aimed at this specific audience. It will help you develop trust among your target market segment and ultimately increase the bookings at your B&B.

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whos the perfect market for your bb and how to find them 2

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