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What matters most to the business travellers who might stay at your small property

What matters most to the business travellers who might stay at your small property

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Many B&B operators make the mistake of assuming the vast majority of their travellers will be leisure travellers. In reality, there are many travellers who prefer to stay in a home-like environment while they are away on business. It’s important to note that there are distinct differences between B&B business travellers and leisure travellers.

Here’s everything that you need to know about business traveller preferences:

Business travellers love breakfast

One of the top reasons business travellers book their stays at B&Bs is that they know they will get a warm, hearty breakfast before they begin their day.

Remember that business travellers often wake up earlier than leisure travellers so if you’re trying to capture them, consider offering an earlier meal time as an option. They will appreciate the convenient timing, but they will truly enjoy the home cooked meal.

Business travellers prefer convenient amenities

Business travellers are often looking for different amenities within their room than those who are traveling purely for a holiday. For example, a business traveller likely wants to make sure there is a workspace within the room, and they may want to verify that there are USB ports installed. Free Wi-Fi is also essential if you are hoping to attract business travellers at your B&B.

Business travellers enjoy common areas

Traveling for work can be lonely, which is why many B&B business travellers prefer to spend their free time in common areas. Your B&B will attract more business travellers if you have a comfortable living space where your guests can interact with one another.

An outdoor gathering space is appealing as well, such as a garden or a fountain. By making your space feel like a home away from home, you will begin to attract more business travellers.

Business travellers appreciate loyalty programs

Business travel can be exhausting, and many guests prefer to reap the rewards of their extra effort. By implementing a loyalty program, you will encourage business travellers to stay at your property time and time again when they come for meetings or conferences in your area. Loyalty programs that offer local discounts and upgrades to luxury amenities are preferred by B&B business travellers.

Business travellers also dabble in leisure

While away on business, many travellers try to make the most of their time in a new destination. After they have finished their meeting or job site tour for the day, they are often keen on exploring a local neighbourhood or embarking on a tour. Create packages that include these options, as business travellers will appreciate the convenience of an all-inclusive price for their stay. It doesn’t have to be all business, all the time, for them.

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