What does an integrated payments solution mean for your B&B?

what does an integrated payments solution mean for your bb what does an integrated payments solution mean for your bb

We are at a point now where businesses that aren’t implementing the latest technology are at a distinct competitive disadvantage. One such area is payment processing.
To streamline your B&Bs payment processing system and provide guests and staff with a hassle free way of making payments, you need to offer your guests an integrated payments solution.
Offering guests a streamlined payments solution that allows for smoother checkouts and frees up staff resources is one of the most important new standards for your property.

What is an integrated payments solution?

An integrated payments solution is a critical business tool that will streamline transaction processes at your B&B.

Ultimately, an integrated payments solution allows for payment transactions from credit/debit card or other electronic payments (such as internet or mobile) to be processed directly within the property management system when a sale is made. It does away with the need to swipe cards or manually enter payment transaction details into a clunky terminal by allowing you to process payments with a click of the button, using the card details saved securely within the PMS. This saves valuable time, reduces labour costs, and eliminates the possibility of human error.

How can an integrated payments solution benefit your B&B?

An integrated payments solution offers many benefits, including:

  • Added convenience – With payment information living in the PMS, transaction and reservation data can be automatically captured by you, instead of these details residing with a bank account or being manually entered into the PMS
  • Cost savings – Without an integrated payments solution in place, you will need to hire an employee to monitor transactions, verify financial data and maintain bookkeeping. Many banks also impose terminal fees and monthly merchant fees. When you implement an integrated payments solution, you can streamline the process and minimise your operating costs at the same time.
  • Minimal risk of administrative error – An integrated payments solution is an innovative business tool that will provide you accurate, error-free verification and data entry; making sure you charge the correct outstanding balances to guests and then automatically recording these transactions in the PMS
  • Better customer service – The integrated payments solution helps you provide a faster, smoother, guest checkout experience. Instead of asking guests repeatedly for payment details, you can process transactions and send receipts with a click of a button using the card details saved securely on file. Ultimately, this provides your guests with an unmatched experience in which they receive the exact results they are looking for, and thus improves your brand image and reputation within the travel industry.

If your property is interested in a payments solution, Little Hotelier is an all-in-one business solution designed specifically for bed and breakfast owners and small hotel operators. Our unique property management system includes an integrated payments solution that allows you to safely and securely accept online payments from your guests via your website and other booking portals.

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what does an integrated payments solution mean for your bb 2

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