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Urban Exploration: Abandoned Bed and Breakfast Inn – NY

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Urban Exploration: Abandoned Bed and Breakfast Inn - NY

More videos on TUC Extras Channel:
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17 Responses to Urban Exploration: Abandoned Bed and Breakfast Inn – NY

  1. InspectorSnatch says:

    Cool Vid

  2. Charlie Gates says:

    This place is pretty well beaten up. Great video as always my friend.

  3. PovertyPointCustoms says:

    Another great video, keep them coming. To bad the steps to the top floor
    were gone!

  4. Mad Dire says:

    Love your work mate, what camera do you use?

  5. Keith Cindy Panama says:

    For sale $2.00 complete with natural sky lights. 

  6. triciatak says:

    2:45 …lmao I thought it was a meat hook! 

  7. susan A says:

    thumbs up !!!!! love see more!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. susan A says:

    food stamps i remember them..i used them before….

  9. ThatTRDrolla says:

    How do you find all of these cool abandoned places?

  10. ThatTRDrolla says:

    Ok. I can’t seem to find any in my area. 🙁 Although one day I past by a
    house that was abandoned and the car was too. Also there is a house that is
    abandoned a few miles from me.

  11. Theal J. Burch says:


  12. Gabby Feola says:

    I’ve literally spent my entire day watching your videos.

  13. TheRealDumbNiggas says:

    Wow you traveled all the way to NY…You guys really should head down to
    Long Island and go to Kings Park Psychiatric Centre…very popular
    destination for Urbexers and parts of it are currently in the process of
    being torn down…to boot there isn’t very good video documentation of it.
    It’s a huge, old facility with a vast history and I know you guys would
    love it. 

  14. Nate Chung says:

    I love all of your videos, and you have some really cool locations. I would
    like them better though if you filmed continuously, instead of showing us
    frame to frame. I like to get a layout of the place.

  15. Kaishy Blue says:

    i love ur vids! u should come to puerto rico we have spooky abandoned

  16. greg b says:

    theres an abandoned homeless shelter by me

  17. christa kozersky says:

    Hello. I know it’s a bit of a hike, but have you guys ever been up to
    Saratoga County Homestead? It’s kind of difficult getting in and out with
    the houses close by and the caretaker next door but the building itself is
    very cool to see, especially from the front.

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