Understanding the main factors driving bookings to your B&B

understanding the main factors driving bookings to your bb What do travellers choose to book a bed and breakfast?

Before you can create marketing materials and design a campaign to attract the attention of your B&B’s target market segment, you need to understand what motivates your travellers to book with you.

These are the main factors driving bookings at your B&B, and how you can use these factors to maximise your bookings.

Guests want to know they’ll have a great experience

Depending on the purpose for the trip, your guests have different expectations and priorities for their experience.

Leisure travellers, for example, want to make sure that your property is in a central location and is in close proximity to the best attractions in the region. Business travellers, on the other hand, are more focused on the price point of the room and its convenient location to nearby attractions.

You need to use your B&B’s website to provide insight into the guest experience in order to drive bookings at your property.

Travellers highly value social proof

Both business and leisure travellers are heavily motivated by social proof when booking a place to stay for their next trip. They’re not only reading the online reviews previous guests have left on your Facebook page and TripAdvisor profile, but they’re also monitoring your responses to these reviews.

You need to be actively engaging with guests who have left feedback, because this showcases your customer service skills to guests who are considering a stay at your property.

It’s vital to provide information on the available amenities

Often it’s the amenities you offer that will set your property apart from the competition.

Make sure to display a list of your amenities on the homepage of your website. You also should create a landing page that is specifically dedicated to all the amenities you have available in your rooms and within the common areas.

Business travellers are often looking for free wifi, extra charging outlets and common gathering spaces, while leisure travellers want luxurious extras such as an included breakfast, free in-room wifi and optional packages.

Rewards are the key to a customer’s heart

An increasing number of travellers search for businesses that offer a unique and personalised rewards program. Your B&B should have a rewards program that offers instant recognition, as well as the opportunity to earn larger, more valuable rewards. Not only will this encourage guests to book with you now, but it also will help you establish loyalty among your target market segments.

Consider creating separate rewards programs for business and leisure travellers, so that you can customise the experience for these two distinct groups of travellers.

By understanding the main factors that are driving guests to book directly with your B&B, you can create an efficient and effective marketing strategy to generate interest among your target market segment.

This will lead to an increase in bookings that allows you to maximise your revenue and grow your brand.

understanding the main factors driving bookings to your bb 1

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