understanding the fundamentals of reservation systems at your bb

understanding the fundamentals of reservation systems at your bb How to master distribution at your B&B

The hotel reservation system that you implement at your B&B plays a significant role in your overall ability to be successful. A B&B reservation system takes care of the basics of managing a B&B for you, allowing you to focus your efforts on the guests who are currently staying at the property and the larger goals that you have for your business.

What is a hotel reservation system?

A hotel reservation system is a technology system that automates many of the day-to-day tasks that you need to handle at your B&B. With an effective B&B reservation system in place, you will be able to accept online bookings directly through your website, communicate automatically with your guests, manage your distribution partners through a channel manager and so much more. A reservation system is the key to minimising your administrative tasks while maximising the revenue generated at your property. It is the only way that you will be able to reach the most motivated travellers around the globe and continue to increase your bookings over time.

Which features should you look for in a B&B reservation system?

Knowing that this is a pivotal investment in your business, it’s critical you select the right B&B reservation system for your property. These are the key features that you should look for in a hotel reservation system:

The most important feature is the online booking engine, which allows you to accept bookings from travellers directly on your website. Simple forms and visible booking buttons should be part of the package.

  • Mobile booking capabilities

Your reservation system must allow you to accept mobile bookings from your guests. Mobile bookings are quickly becoming the preferred booking method among travellers in nearly every demographic.

Your reservation system should automatically sync new bookings with your existing data, making sure that you know which rooms have been sold during any time frame throughout the year.

  • Channel manager

Your reservation system also should include or connect with a channel manager, which allows you to broadcast your live rates and availability to your network of distribution agents.

  • Website builder

The B&B reservation system also should include a versatile, user-friendly website builder that allows you to customise your website and update it frequently. This is key to increasing your direct bookings.

Why do you need a B&B reservation system?

A B&B reservation system should be mandatory technology for any B&B operator. It is absolutely crucial to your ability to effectively manage your inventory and increase the revenue that is generated at any given time. Your B&B reservation system should be a cost-effective solution that generates significant returns on your initial investment.

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understanding the fundamentals of reservation systems at your bb 2