Travel trends your B&B can continue to trust this year

travel trends your bb can continue to trust this year travel trends your bb can continue to trust this year

There’s always a lot of buzz about the latest travel trends but like any trend, they have a tendency to rise and fall like the tides. So, before you go jumping on every one of the B&B trends that you read about, you might want to consider which ones have staying power.

Here’s a look at the 2018 travel trends that are here to stay, and how you can take advantage of them at your property:

Immersive culinary tourism

Travellers around the globe have fallen into the habit of displaying their eclectic and artful meals on Instagram, which has made it trendy to grab luxury dishes from the places that people are visiting.

Now, rather than opting for the most elaborate meal, travellers are searching for the most authentic options that allow them to experience the flavour and culture of the region. Take advantage of this trend by offering farm-to-table meals at your B&B featuring local ingredients and cultural recipes that highlight your destination.

Communal gathering spaces

Once upon a time, travellers sought respite from others at private hotels where they could relax and unwind. However, in an age where people have plugged into technology and disconnected from real conversation, more travellers are craving personal interaction with others while they are abroad. Community-focused hotels are all the rage in the hottest destinations.

You should strive to create a gathering space at your property where guests can mix and mingle in a comfortable setting.

Voice-assisted technology

Voice-assisted technology, such as Siri on the iPhone or Alexa on the Amazon Echo, is the latest technology trend that is taking over the travel industry. Travellers are becoming increasingly dependent on these convenient devices. You can help boost your guest satisfaction ratings by including a voice-assisted device in each guest room at your property.

Wellness activities for active travellers

For several years, travellers have been going on wellness trips where they focus on restoring their minds, bodies and spirits. Wellness travel is set to get a little more prominent throughout 2018 and beyond, so you may want to consider this trend when creating packages and add-on options for your B&B.
A morning yoga session may be nice, but chances are a lot of your guests may also want to go on a hiking excursion or guided kayaking tour as well.

Solo travellers

The number of solo travellers is steadily on the rise, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. As people become more comfortable with embarking on a great adventure on their own, they are seeking places that will accommodate them and also provide them with unique opportunities. Your B&B should create events, offer common spaces and encourage communal eating to attract solo travellers.

Not every trend is going to take hold and revolutionise the way that you do business at your B&B, but you can expect that these B&B trends will be worth the investment.

travel trends your bb can continue to trust this year 1

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