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The ultimate A-to-Z guide to Little Hotelier

The ultimate A-to-Z guide to Little Hotelier

Posted in Property Management Software

Finding the right technology solution to help make your small accommodation business successful is tricky, but it’s extremely important to get right. Research is vital so you can understand exactly what your property needs and what each provider can offer you.

To make things easy, we have created a guide to the Little Hotelier platform that’s as easy to read and understand as the alphabet!

This free Ebook will tell you all the benefits Little Hotelier can give your B&B or hotel business, detailing the newest and most important features of the all-in-one solution software.

  • Integrated payments solution
  • Housekeeping
  • A mobile app for both Android and iOS
  • Airbnb integration
  • GDPR compliance
  • Revenue reporting
  • Customisable invoices
  • Guest profiles

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