The Texas Chainsaw Bed & Breakfast!

Leatherface is back with a B&B that will make sure you rest in peace.
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The Texas Chainsaw Bed & Breakfast!

Leatherface is back with a B&B that will make sure you rest in peace.
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42 Responses to The Texas Chainsaw Bed & Breakfast!

  1. Holly says:

    I love Todd as leatherface. Especially his eharmony video. His whispers when he zones out are super creepy. Aside from the New Zealand deck sealant guy…this is easily Todd’s best character. way to go B.P. Another homerun. #Defender of Awesome!

  2. The Key of Awesome says:

    +Haley Powers Yeah Haley!! I love Todd too – oh wait that’s me! Busted myself being selfish!!! Glad we have some old schoolers that know the first video we did with Leatherface, once again trying to get people to come to his “home”!

  3. Holly says:

    +Barely Productions -Todd spoke to me! Todd spoke to me! omg! you just made my year, Dude. Seriously! I am your biggest fan.

  4. Maurille Smith says:

    I wish I could stay there but I’m vacationing at Jason’s five star condos by Crystal Lake

  5. Marvcohen says:

    It must take a lot of guts to stay here

  6. mane games says:

    I actually got scared.

  7. Mickey Mouse says:

    +mane games omg same scared myself to death

  8. Angus Mcfadden says:

    +Barely Productions I’d stay at leatherfaces b&b great video guys #defendersofawesome

  9. Julia Webb says:

    *baDUM tss*

  10. Tarkeema Lewis says:

    +Terrance Benjamin bwaha I do have to turn left on elm street 4 times I think by the man on the horse statue, I also drove by the guy mowing the lawn in overalls.he waved to me before his mother yelled at him to get in the house .I heard he just dissapeared into the wires. after him a red car on fire did pass Me chasing a guy.woo! I called on my cell phone for the cops but I just heard a lot of heavy breathing and moaning! oh well. (⊙o⊙)

  11. Terrance Benjamin says:

    +Tarkeema Lewis-Figueroa I’ve been getting the same weird thingsn oh well it defined is a interesting neighborhood…also been having these awful nightmares…

  12. Casey Rouse says:

    +Haley Powers did u take a screenshot

  13. Casey Rouse says:

    When the guy screamed I thought it was a scream in my room

  14. Liam Haig says:

    I am thinking of samara Morgan’s stay in tv diner

  15. FanfareT.Loudest says:

    +Liam Haig Sounds like the experience of a lifetime!
    That is, the last final days of one’s lifetime.

  16. Varietygirl1 says:

    If they added creepy music, the video would be terrifying.

  17. david wiltner says:

    Sorry leather face I’m in Freddy’s nightmare paradise

  18. SWAG says:

    Question is he dead ? That why I am not in texas

  19. Soxxielou x says:


  20. Bailey Page says:

    He kidnapped Donald trump ??

  21. kazuma cj says:


  22. Indy Blaze says:

    OK, I accidentally drove past a cornfield with a couple of creepy kids worshipping some kind of dude who walks behind the rows and I think I just saw a dude wearing a human muzzle hitchhiking on the side of the road… have I gone too far?

  23. Indy Blaze says:

    Ah, thank you! I knew I took a wrong turn when I drove past the foggy lake with a dead kid in it. My bad! Thanks for the help!

  24. Mackenzie MackeWzw says:

    No problem 🙂

  25. Desiree Lara says:

    I saw batter

  26. Desiree Lara says:

    I saw batter and I am only 15

  27. Anderson Dalmeus says:

    I would say you hadn’t gone far enough

  28. Anderson Dalmeus says:

    I gave this bed and breakfast two thumbs up . . . I’m still waiting to get them back

  29. ash3d Hawk says:

    What if I forget to driver around in circles.

  30. TheDrakeProject says:

    Yeah I saw that place. Some sort of a cult is there. They’re really fun to hang out with.

  31. TheDrakeProject says:

    SWAG He never existed. However, there was a man who dug up his family and made furniture out of their bones. But no actual murders.

  32. Macky Fermion says:

    I would watch this on a weekly basis.

  33. Why Da Long Face says:

    Really wish they would make more of these lol

  34. Brent Bottoms says:

    What happens to the camera man

  35. The Dancing Maniac says:

    Brent Bottoms i

  36. Jean says:


  37. Chey Whorton says:

    I would never stay there because he is a killer???????????

  38. Dilly Mackey says:

    How did you survive the Hidden Hideaway B&B?

  39. Michael Carrabis says:

    Chey Whorton that’s the whole joke…

  40. xTHEx xUNTITLEDx says:

    I was just staying in bates deluxe motel supposedly it’s 6 stars but it was a 3 if u ask me

  41. You Remembeeer says:

    Chey Whorton you stupid

  42. Bloody Simpson Chibi says:

    you poor child. No one should ever have to see uncooked pancake batter. Especially a 15 year old