Circa 1834, The Burn is the historic home of the John Walworth family for more than 100 years. The only exception was the three years that Union forces occupied the home as a hospital upon evicting the Walworths. The original dining table is still in the home, as is the original china.

There is grand architecture and furnishings, and old photographs from a time gone by. The shaded patio overlooks a two acre garden and brick walkways which give way to camellias, azaleas, and dogwoods, and in this deep South city, you'll love the full-size pool!

For the authentic experience of historic Natchez, the accommodations at The Burn are the perfect place. Each room is lovingly, painstakingly created to match the home at the height of its splendor. And they all come with the latest in 21st century comfort.

A daily tour of the home is offered to guests, served proudly with wine and hospitality. The Burn is also one of the tour homes on the Natchez Spring Pilgrimage of Antebellum Homes held during March and early April and the Fall Pilgrimage held during late September thru early October.

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