the best ways to keep guests happy and entertained at your bb

the best ways to keep guests happy and entertained at your bb the best ways to keep guests happy and entertained at your bb

At your B&B, you should strive to exceed the expectations of your guests at every turn. Not only do you want them to enjoy their stay from start to finish, but you also want them to leave hoping to come back another time.

Here are a few tips that can help you keep your guests happy and entertained while they are staying at your B&B.

Provide your guests with authentic local experiences

The travellers who stay at B&Bs often are looking for unique accommodation and local flavour. They love the stories behind the rooms and the history behind the B&B itself. To pull off this commitment to authenticity, you should also provide your guests with various opportunities to experience your local area. One night, you could bring in the local winery owner to provide wine tastings and cheese pairings. Another night, you could offer guests the opportunity to learn how to cook with a regional chef. These experiences differentiate your property from others in the area, and will certainly impress your guests.

Integrate the latest technology into your rooms and common areas

Free wifi is no longer an added bonus when someone books a stay at a B&B – it’s an expectation. Your technology strategy needs to extend beyond wifi and other basic technology in order to incorporate some of the latest trends today.
For example, you may want to add a virtual assistant to each room so that your guests can easily play their favourite music, set reminders and alarms and control the TVs.

Design an enticing loyalty program

Travellers across all demographics appreciate a good loyalty program, and when you create the right program you will find your guest loyalty increases. The key to a successful loyalty program is to keep it simple.

Guests should be able to easily collect points based on the number of days they stay, or the amount of money they spend. Make sure you have several reward levels so that guests can earn small rewards quickly while working toward larger goals.

Create a mobile app for your B&B

A mobile app for your property will provide your guests with a convenient way to connect with you. In addition, your app can easily become a trusted local resource. Consider adding a local guide as part of your map, where you recommend nearby restaurants, tours, attractions and more. You also may want to include a messaging system that allows your guests to ask quick questions and get immediate responses.

From the moment your guests first click onto your website until they check out on the last day of their stay, you want to be striving to please them with a personalised approach to service. With Little Hotelier, you can streamline your administrative tasks, customise each stay using valuable data and focus more on the guests who are staying with you at that very moment.

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the best ways to keep guests happy and entertained at your bb 2