the benefits of managing your bb from a mobile app

the benefits of managing your bb from a mobile app the benefits of managing your bb from a mobile app

The Benefits of Managing your B&B from a Mobile App

Apps have changed the way we live and how we conduct our daily business. There’s an app for seemingly everything, and they are a user-friendly way to engage with brands. In fact many travelers prefer to interact with B&Bs via a mobile app, rather than through traditional means of communication.

Beyond the fact that apps can help improve the guest experience at your B&B, they can also improve the way you manage your B&B. Apps make it easy for hoteliers to manage their business from the backend, allowing them to make adjustments while on-the-go.

Here are some of the biggest benefits to managing your B&B from a mobile app:

It improves efficiency at your property

A mobile app allows you to give control back to your guests and eliminates some of the most tedious administrative tasks that you and your staff members have to complete every day.

With a fully-functional mobile app you can accept check-ins prior to arrival, or allow your guests to place a room service order directly from their phone. These are simple tasks that can have a great impact on the efficiency of your operations. When you run a more efficient B&B, the flow-on result is that your guests will have a better experience during their stay and be more likely to refer your property to their friends and family.

It allows you to manage your B&B from anywhere, at any time

From your B&B mobile app you can:

  • Check guest bookings for specific days
  • View your channel manager and your current pricing strategy
  • Generate the reports you need to make those pivotal business decisions

This means you no longer have to spend hours sitting in your office on the computer to complete your administrative work. Instead, you can spend more time throughout your property interacting with guests, simultaneously finishing up your work from your mobile device.

With a new and improved B&B management capability, you’ll find that your guest satisfaction ratings rise as a result.

Guests can connect with your brand on a personal level

Much like social networking, mobile technology makes users feel more connected to the brands they choose to engage with on a regular basis.

Through your mobile app, your guests may be able to send you a quick message or easily update their reservation requests. This simplifies the booking process for them, and improves their impression of your brand before they even arrive.

With the right technology in place, you will be able to enhance the guest experience at your B&B without replacing the authentic interaction that many crave when they travel.

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the benefits of managing your bb from a mobile app 2