should you market your bb to business travellers

should you market your bb to business travellers should you market your bb to business travellers

In all likelihood, your B&B marketing strategy is aimed largely at leisure travellers. But you also likely know the business traveller market is a lucrative one to tap into. Business travellers are often looking for comfortable, home-like accommodations that allow them to enjoy their work-related travel experience even more.

Here’s a few tips that will help you attract more business travellers at your B&B:

Include amenities that business travellers need

Business travellers need different types of in-room amenities to leisure travellers. For starters, they absolutely need you to have technology infrastructure in place that will allow them to operate remotely from their room. You need to offer free wifi in your rooms and throughout your common areas in order to attract business travellers. Other amenities that appeal to business travellers include desks, additional outlets and charging stations, and in-room coffee pots.

Emphasise your facilities that will appeal to business travellers

Beyond promoting your in-room amenities, you need to emphasise your facilities in online marketing campaigns that are aimed at business travellers. Business travellers are often concerned about health and wellness, and they appreciate having access to exercise equipment or outdoor recreational spaces. Conference rooms or workspaces also are desirable among those who are travelling for business purposes.

Offer transportation services for convenience

Business travellers prefer to book with places that offer both value and convenience, and may be forced to adhere to a corporate budget. Complimentary transportation services may entice them to book with you over a nearby chain hotel. You may want to consider offering free shuttle services to and from the nearby airport, and you also could provide business travellers with the option of booking transportation to local conference centres, corporate headquarters and more.

Create a rewards program for business travellers

If there’s one thing that business travellers love, it’s a good rewards program. They often feel like it’s a way of benefiting personally from a professional obligation. Rewards programs that appeal to business travellers include those that offer free upgrades, promotional discounts and luxurious touches throughout their stay.

Know that business travellers may be interested in purchasing extra services

Business travellers are often focused on the task at-hand, and they may not have time to indulge in the same laid-back lifestyle as leisure guests. For example, they may be willing to pay more to have an in-depth room cleaning on a daily basis, or they might want to purchase personal shopping services for an extended stay at your property. Take advantage of this opportunity to upsell to business travellers and increase your revenue.

By making your B&B attractive to both business and leisure travellers, you will enjoy an increase in your bookings and a boost in your revenue throughout the entire year. Business travellers are often more apt to book with your property during the slow seasons, whereas leisure travellers will occupy your rooms during the popular vacation times.

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