Marketing routines that make running your B&B easy

marketing routines that make running your bb easy marketing routines that make running your bb easy

When you find B&B marketing strategies that work, it’s easy to fall into the confines of your comfort zone and stick with what you know.

While that can help you drive continuous traffic to your B&B’s website and earn regular bookings, you’ll also want to make sure to try out a few new ideas every now and then. You never know what might generate significant interest in your B&B from a brand new market segment!

Here’s a few B&B marketing routines that will help keep your B&B moving forward:

Schedule time to research new marketing techniques

When you’re trying to develop digital marketing strategies at your B&B, you’re also likely swamped with a big daily to-do list that comes with every small accommodation business. This can leave little time for discovering new ideas or reading about the latest marketing trends in the industry. To make sure that you don’t forget to stay on top of the latest and greatest techniques, you should schedule a weekly time that is specifically dedicated to researching.

Make a point of winding down the week for an hour on Friday by devouring business journals and marketing blogs, or use Wednesday as an opportunity for a midweek pick me up to search for new ideas on how to reach your target markets.

Maintain a daily tasks list

A to-do list is a simple, yet effective tool for staying on task and getting everything accomplished in a given day. At the end of the day, write down what needs to be done for the next day. When you arrive the next morning, add any extra tasks to the list that may have crept up overnight.

Maintain this list and update it throughout the day so you always know what needs to be done next.

Make social listening a priority

You’ve likely developed a social media presence on all of the top platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. While it’s important to post frequently and encourage engagement, it’s perhaps more important to actively listen to your social followers.

The feedback that they provide in the comments and through direct messages can provide you with enlightening insight into how your target audience perceives your brand.

Take time every day to review comments and feedback on your social networking sites, and respond accordingly. Swift, effective responses are appreciated by those who follow brands and businesses on social media.

Check your analytics on a regular basis

You won’t really know how effective your marketing campaigns are unless you check your analytics regularly. You should review your analytics and evaluate the most important metrics at least once per week, if not once per day.

Knowing the status of your website traffic and the demographics of who is engaging with your online content will allow you to refine your marketing strategies so that they produce better results.

Just because something is a routine doesn’t mean that it’s mundane. These marketing routines will help you streamline the processes at your B&B and allow you to create more exciting and effective campaigns to target customers.

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