Loyalty programs at your B&B: Discounts vs. perks

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By creating a loyalty program at your B&B, you are going to encourage travellers to stay at your property again and again. Loyalty programs vary, with some offering discounts and others offering specific perks. The type of loyalty program that you choose will depend on the expectations of your guest market segments as well as the needs of your individual business.

Here’s how loyalty programs that offer B&B discounts and those that offer B&B perks compare:

All about B&B discounts

A loyalty program that offers discounts is fairly common in the accommodation industry. A basic discount-based loyalty program allows guests to collect points based on the amount they spend at a hotel or B&B. For example, a guest will accrue points not only for the amount they paid for a room, but also for additional purchases they made while staying at the property. As the points add up, the guest is able to take advantage of discounts. Discounts may include a percentage off the room rate, or perhaps a discounted luxury package.

Loyalty programs that offer discounts can be quite effective, but many guests are looking for loyalty programs that offer more than a basic promo code every few months. Operators who are creating a loyalty program should seek to personalise the experience. A B&B owner can do this by offering special promo codes around the traveller’s birthday, or by using data to create discounts for items and products that the guest has enjoyed in the past.

All about B&B perks

Loyalty programs that reward B&B guests with perks are becoming increasingly common throughout the travel industry. Many guests find perks to be a more valuable reward than discounts, and they are becoming more engaged with brands that take this approach.

In this type of loyalty program, the guest earns perks based on the number of times they stay at a property and the purchases they make throughout their stays.

Some of the common B&B perks guests can earn include free luxury toiletries, a welcome basket during their next stay, or VIP access to a particular area of the property.

These perks often feel like a true reward to guests who value brand loyalty. They appreciate being made to feel like they are an important part of the business’s success, and they are more likely to book rooms repeatedly over the coming years and months. Similar to any discounts that are offered through a B&B loyalty program, the perks should be personalised to meet the needs of the individual traveller.

In general, there’s a growing trend that perks are preferred over points systems and discounts.

Guests want to experience real rewards, and offering a perk shows you’ve put thought and creativity into thinking how you can improve their experience.

If you need help developing loyalty programs check out our tips here and here.

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