This rise bra strapless & backless bra is adeptly crafted in self- adhesive silicone for an all-natural shape. Specifically made with drawstring in provides enchanting deep V-shape bosom.

Please always wash your silicone bra after each usage to help the sticky last as long as feasible.
How to wash:
1. Tidy Gently: While holding a bra mug in your hand – sticky side up – include a touch of warm water and moderate soap. Gently make use of the palm of your contrary hand to produce a round movement to tidy.
2. As soon as you've covered the whole surface, wash the bra mug to remove all soap residues.
3. Air Dry: Gently shake off any type of excess water and also let it entirely dry for following use. (Please put on??? t blot with a towel or use a blow dryer.).

How you can put on:.
1. Delicately tidy your breast with light soap and also water to eliminate body oil as well as residue from skin.
2. Loosen the drawstring and hold up the edge of the bra with both hands, rescinded the bra. Paste the bra from the location of underarm in addition to ensuring the drawstrings will certainly be placed in the center of bust, at the same time, collecting the fat as long as you can.
3. Use your fingertips smooth mug out over your bust carefully until the adhesive fits your skin carefully.
4. Repeat the very same steps on the opposite, making certain both cups are equal in height, then press securely for a few secs to ensure the hold.

The size chart is planned for recommendation just.
A Cup: 32A, 34A.
B Cup: 36A, 34B, 32C.
C Cup: 36B, 34C, 32D.
D Cup: 38B, 36C, 34D.