common guest frustrations with hotel payments and how to overcome them

common guest frustrations with hotel payments and how to overcome them common guest frustrations with hotel payments and how to overcome them

Overcoming guest frustrations is an important measure in any hospitality business but is especially crucial at small properties like B&Bs. Often, any problems are felt more personally and can be magnified quicker in small properties.

As in many industries common pain points for B&B guests can revolve around payments, specifically when paying at the front desk of the property to check-in or check-out etc.
Here’s a list of common frustrations with payments:

  • Having to handover a credit card even if details had previously been entered online
  • The payment terminal is not working or is slow to process
  • The staff find it hard to check if a payment has been made or not
  • Having to keep track of receipts

However if your property makes use of an integrated payments solution, all these frustrations can be eliminated and guests will be much happier.

What is an integrated payments solution?

An integrated payments solution will allow transactions from credit/debit cards or mobile payments to be processed directly within your property management system. This means there is no need to swipe cards or manually enter transaction details into a terminal. Payments can be processed at the click of a button with the details securely saved in the PMS.

This saves time for both you and your guests, and eliminates the possibility of human error. There will also be no paper receipts and reduced labour.

What benefits will your B&B gain from using an integrated payments solution?

Your B&B will enjoy a number of benefits from an integrated payments solution. These include:

  • Added convenience due to payment information being automatically captured by you and stored in your PMS
  • Cost savings due to the automatic nature of the technology. You won’t have to hire a staff member to monitor transactions, verify financial data, or maintain bookkeeping. You’ll also be free of bank merchant fees.
  • Minimal risk of human error thanks to an integrated payment solution’s ability to provide you accurate, error-free verification and data entry.

In the context of guest frustrations, perhaps the biggest benefit is that you’ll be delivering better customer service. The integrated payments solution helps you provide a faster, smoother, guest checkout experience. Instead of asking guests repeatedly for payment details, you can process transactions and send receipts with a click of a button using the card details saved securely on file.

Ultimately, this provides your guests with an unmatched experience in which they receive the exact results they are looking for, and thus improves your brand image and reputation within the travel industry.

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common guest frustrations with hotel payments and how to overcome them 2