Perfect Caribbean villa to convert to a luxury B&B at a bargain price. For more info . One of the more popular ways that Americans and Canadians supplement their income once they move off shore is by operating a small B&B. This is the perfect little business for people that love to meet other people and enjoy living in on a tropical island.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series to tour a very unique villa that is ideal for conversion to an exclusive bed and breakfast. Actually this unique property is big enough to be considered a small hotel with 9 well equipped guest rooms, a resort quality pool area and room for expansion.

This bed and breakfast property overlooking the ocean and hillsides in Cabrera Dominican Republic is offered for a small fraction of the reconstruction cost and and even smaller fraction of what a similar property would cost in other resort areas. For example, to build this property in Florida near but not on the beach would cost $2,500,000 and up. Same property in the California hills overlooking the ocean would cost well over $3,500,000. And in the Caymans you would expect to pay over $4,500,000 for this property.

Yet in this oceanside town on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, this practically new property will sell for less than 25% of its value in any of these other vacation havens.

Other factors that make this property particularly interesting include:

* Only a few miles from the famous Playa Grande Golf Resort where home lots are running over a million apiece.
* A few miles from 7 world class white sand beaches that are very rarely crowded. In fact, oftentimes you and your guests will have a palm-lined beach to yourselves
* A short drive to famous Cabarete beach, home of champion wind surfing competitions
* In a quiet, peaceful little village where the people are friendly and still like Americans and Canadians and welcome them with their smiles and "holas"
* Well equipped with a 150,000 fresh water cistern, $22,000 automatic Diesel generators for emergencies and full battery backup systems for power outages
* All guest rooms are air conditioned, and the trade winds fill the property with cooling breezes on most days.

If you have any interest at all in owning your own B&B in a tropical paradise, this is the property to take a look at. One great way to see this property and other similar properties is to take us up on one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours. You will see more in 5 days that you could ever see on your own in a month.

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