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Stay clear of troubles at the check-in counter. Easy traveling with this camry 110lbs blue backlit electronic travel luggage scale.travel can be anxiety totally free. Why troubling with the embarrassment of repacking your over-weight luggage at check-in. This exact and convenient camry electronic luggage scale could certainly conserve you out. Never ever travel with your travel luggage as unexpected carry-on, and also never ever pay unanticipated obese bag costs. Trick functions 1.4 huge blue backlit lcd display-easy to check out in dim light data lock-the reading will be locked when the scale stabilized beep signal-every procedure is accompanied by beep signal for reminder 2-step car shut-off-backlight off after 30 seconds and range off after 60 secs for power conserving strap and clip design-fits for any type of baggage handle as well as easy balance when weighing high accuracy weight sensors-accurate to 0.1 lbs/50gs absolutely no and also tare-reweigh anytime overload indicator-shows when bags more than the scale restriction low battery indicator-reminder to guarantee your scale is ready when you need it strong as well as compact-the light-weight range is long lasting as well as occupies no travel luggage space while taking a trip evaluate your travel luggage very easy way untangle the black band seen aware. Remove the plastic battery seclusion tag. Slide via a travel luggage manage with the range strap and clip back over the scale. Power on, wait for no read. Lift as well as hold till the scale beeps two times as well as flashes 3 times. That is the weight. Warranty every scale is independently hand examined for issues and also accuracy before it leaves the manufacturing facility. You will discover the qc pass tag on each range. We offer 2-year item guarantee