boost your bb rating with these 5 tripadvisor tips

boost your bb rating with these 5 tripadvisor tips Improve B&B TripAdvisor rating

The internet has become the primary research tool for DIY travel planning.

Customers no longer trust a B&B listing in isolation, they need advice from other travelers before they make a booking themselves.

So it only makes sense that 81% of travelers think TripAdvisor reviews are important.

Use these 5 tips to boost your TripAdvisor rating…

1. Provide Unforgettable Customer Service

The most important step in improving your TripAdvisor ratings is to ensure that you really are providing your guests with an amazing experience.

This doesn’t mean driving them to the sites in your personal car, but it does mean paying attention to the small details and customizing your guest experience based on pre-researched preferences.

2. Give A Small Gift Upon Arrival/Departure.

This technique is very effective in making your guest feel like you’re genuinely invested in them. Leaving something like a small chocolate and a welcome note, a couple of nice bottles of water, or even a bottle of wine, will make it appear that you are taking something out of your own pocket to enrich their holiday.

3. Be Authentic

Making an impression requires something different. Hoteliers need to be true to their brand and offer something unique that will stay on guests’ minds hours, and even days, post-departure.

Know what your brand is and have a clear idea of how you will convey this to your guest.

4. Avoid Negative Reviews

Avoiding negative reviews, and a blow to your reputation, can be achieved by following a few simple steps.

  • Upon arrival, before your guest heads to their room, ask them if there is anything else you can help with to make their stay even better.
  • During their stay make sure to check in every now and then to see if your customers are still enjoying themselves. Make them feel like they can be honest and candid with you about anything that ails them. And if there are issues, do your best to fix them.
  • Admit when you cannot fix the problem and offer them compensation, don’t just give them a promise hoping they will forget.
  • Upon departure, ask guests how they enjoyed their time at your B&B. If they have a positive reaction then follow up with an email asking them to review your property on TripAdvisor.

5. Represent Your B&B Truthfully.

There is nothing worse for a guest then showing up at their accommodation only to find it is completely different to what they were expecting.

Ensure the images on your website, or on OTAs, are a true representation of what your guests will be walking into. This rule also extends to advertising your facilities; if they are no longer working or are out of order, exaggerating your distance to the beach, local activities, or any general misleading facts of what your B&B offers.

If your customers feel tricked they will take to the internet to warn future browsers not to make the same mistake.  

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boost your bb rating with these 5 tripadvisor tips 2