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Choosing a hotel property management system means you’ve decided to leave your books and ledgers behind in favour of a technology solution. This is easily one of the best moves you can make for your accommodation business, since it will give you back so much of your time and save you money.

With a number of hotel PMS software providers to compare, how do you choose the best option?

We may be biased but we believe Little Hotelier’s front desk system is the best property management system for small properties.

However, to make your own mind up there are several questions you need to consider when deciding which PMS solution to purchase for your hotel or bed and breakfast:

  1. Will your property management system handle all your operational tasks?
  2. Does the provider you’re considering have a simple calendar system to drag and drop reservations, create new reservations, and close rooms?
  3. Can the software quickly update with a bulk upload feature?
  4. Is it equipped with automatic synchronisation, allowing for rates and availability to be updated instantly on your website and all your booking channels?
  5. Will you be able to set check-in and check-out times and print a run sheet to stay organised each day?
  6. Do you have the opportunity to own the guest relationship with automatic confirmation and pre and post-stay emails?
  7. Are there reporting functions to analyse your best performing booking sites, occupancy rates, promotions and more?
  8. Is more revenue available to you via the sale of extras and promotions at the time of booking?
  9. Can you login via a mobile app so you can even manage your property on the run?

If a hotel property management system covers all these bases, you should be in safe hands with no need to stress about handling all the day-to-day tasks you used to. Happily, Little Hotelier can fulfil such promises, along with easily integrating with your booking engine and channel manager.

An online booking engine will enable your property take commission-free bookings straight from your website and Facebook page.

A channel manager delivers better room distribution by allowing you to sell all your rooms on as many channels as possible, automatically updating your rates and availability.

Little Hotelier also offers both these features.

Best cloud based hotel PMS

Some hotel or B&B properties abandon outdated manual methods to run their business and adopt server-based systems instead, while many used web-based systems.

However if you consider what’s most valuable to you as a manager, the answer is likely to be time and money. A server-based system is a drain on both of these, so taking this option after evolving from pen and paper doesn’t leave you much better off.

Managing property operations via the web, specifically the cloud, has become the optimal way to do business.

Little Hotelier is a cloud-based PMS system that excels at delivering the most important features a cloud-based solution should offer, including:

  • Ease of use and simplicity

Cloud-based data is stored and accessed in one place and can never be lost, while tasks can be completed from one centralised location.

Information on the Little Hotelier system is encrypted and backed up. Even if your laptop or phone is broken or lost, your data will remain accessible to you. With a cloud-based PMS, you need never worry about viruses or bugs and even hacking is a much smaller threat.

  • Cutting-edge

Once you invest in cloud-based hotel PMS software, you never have to worry about updates again. This is unlike servers, which are prone to becoming slow and vulnerable.

  • Appropriate for a small hotel

The best system for you is one that was designed specifically for your property. Little Hotelier was created with small accommodation providers firmly in mind, to speed up and simplify the property management process for small hoteliers and B&B operators.

  • Cost effective

Should you opt for a cloud-based property management system, you’ll never require any additional hardware, backup solutions, licensing, updates, or fixes. There’s also no lengthy setup process and the time saved when using Little Hotelier’s front desk system will enable you to direct more resources towards increasing guest experience and revenue streams.

Free hotel property management software

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Cloud-based property management systems are sophisticated pieces of technology, taking time to develop and are constantly being improved. So it stands to reason if you want an effective solution, you’ll have to pay for it.

By the same token, the top hotel property management systems will offer users a chance to trial the product before you commit to your investment. During the trial you will receive the full experience for free, including all the features and customer support so you can get the best out your business while using it.

Little Hotelier’s free trial period extends to 30 days and once you sign up you’ll be contacted within one business day to get your trial up and running. One month should be all it takes to realise the benefits a front desk system like Little Hotelier can deliver to your property not only on a day-to-day basis, but also in the form of long term business goals such as increasing bookings and revenue.

Hotel property management software reviews

To help decide which property management software is the best fit for your hotel or B&B, it’s important to look at reviews. Given reviews are usually written by your direct peers – people who have experienced the same problems as you and sought the same solution – you can trust what you find.

Hotel Tech Report and Capterra are two of the most reliable sources to see what customers are saying about hotel technology providers – including Little Hotelier.

On these review sites you’ll find answers to the many questions you have about each property management system you’re considering investing in.

Hotel Tech Report provides an easy to navigate dashboard so consumers can see at a glance how well a particular system is regarded. A percentage meter quickly communicates how likely the product is to be recommended, with a ratings summary alongside specifying the strength of support, ease of use, ROI, and implementation. A menu allows navigation to pros and cons, screenshots of the product, features, written reviews, pricing, integrations and more.

Ratings on Capterra are broken down into a total rating out of five as well as a rating for ease of use, customer service, features and functionality, and value for money. The page will also include videos and screenshots as part of a product summary and there should be a comprehensive overview of what features the product does and does not offer. This makes it easy for you when comparing different providers. Reviewers can also give an overall impression of whether they would recommend the software to their peers.

It’s a good idea to both look at scores and read the written reviews because there can be times the two don’t align. It may also occur that a concern one person has with a product doesn’t worry you, and vice versa. Ultimately, research into reviews should tell you what a product is known for doing well and if its customers are happy.

Hotel PMS software price

Pricing for the best hotel PMS systems is extremely affordable when compared to return on investment. It’s quite rare for price to be a stumbling block, especially considering the benefits properties see during their free trial phase.

Many providers have pricing tiers depending on how many rooms your property has or what features you require. There are commonly additional products that can be added on or extra services that can be bundled into a deal to add value to the purchase.

Little Hotelier’s hospitality property management software can be secured from AUD$123/month (USD104 & GBP66) if your property has five rooms or less. The more rooms you have, the more you will be required to pay. A property with 15 rooms will be charged AUD$180/month. This price compares favourably with Little Hotelier’s major competitors, some of whom indicate their lowest price for a property of 15 rooms is AUD$199/month.

To find out exactly how much Little Hotelier will cost for your property, try out our pricing scale here.

How to select a property management system for a bed and breakfast

Selecting a property management system for your B&B should be a considered and careful decision. After all, using technology to run your property is a serious investment and you need to be sure the results are worth the asking price.

Before making a purchase decision you should compare your priorities against what each provider is promising. Ideally, you will want a solution that is simple and quick to set up, easy to use, delivers quantifiable results, and boasts an effective customer support team. If these basics are satisfied you should feel confident about making an investment for your business.

Think about these questions:

  • Why do I want to invest in a property management system?
  • What do I want to achieve for my business when using property management software?
  • What features of a B&B front desk system are important to me?
  • Will a hotel PMS make my life easier?
  • What’s my budget for a hotel technology system?

Property management systems for small properties are a select group and it will quickly become clear who the leaders in the industry are, one of which is Little Hotelier.

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