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best bed and breakfast software best bed and breakfast software

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Choosing bed and breakfast software to operate your property is an astute decision, since you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money by removing manual processes in favour of an automated, centralised system. The onus is now on you to invest in the best B&B software you can find.

It’s essential you purchase technology that was created with a clear customer base in mind. You’re running a small accommodation business so you want a software provider that understands your needs and is experienced at providing solutions to properties just like yours.

We believe Little Hotelier is the best bed and breakfast software on the market – precisely because the platform was designed specifically for B&Bs, small hotels, inns, motels, and more. The platform is empathetic to the challenges owner operators and managers of small businesses face. Time is always of the essence and money can be tight. That’s why you need bed and breakfast software in the first place, and it’s why you need a solution that prioritises ease of use, great customer support, and a way to handle all your operational tasks in one place – even when you’re not at your property.

When making a purchase decision, it’s a good idea to check if the provider you’re considering can answer yes to these questions:

  1. Will it give you more time and freedom, so you can focus on your guests instead of manually processing reservations?
  2. Does it have the capacity to be managed from a mobile app, giving you the chance to update and make changes anywhere at any time?
  3. Can you use the software to automatically update rates and availability across all your booking sites?
  4. Are you going to be setup to plan your day, manage your reservations calendar, and generate reports and analysis for your property’s performance?
  5. Does it promise boosted revenue via more direct reservations from your website?
  6. Will payments be easy and seamless for both you and your guests?
  7. Is your currency and language available in the software?
  8. Are you able to manage your Airbnb listing via this software along with all your other channels?
  9. Can you add a personal touch to the guest experience with automated and personalised emails?
  10. Does it possess reporting functions so you can clearly see and analyse your return on investment?

There’s even more that comes into the equation but if you can be sure of these capabilities, you’ve probably found the best B&B software for you.

Is bed and breakfast software free?

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Any truly free bed and breakfast software you find is likely to pale in comparison to the best options that exist. The industry leaders in this space are sophisticated pieces of technology that takes years to develop and are being constantly optimised. Essentially if you want an effective software solution for your small property, you’ll have to pay for it.

However, the best providers always offer a free trial of their platform and products before you commit to a purchase. This way you can get the full experience throughout a stress-free period where you can assess the various benefits the software offers your property.

Little Hotelier gives B&Bs the chance to trial the platform, including free B&B booking software, for 30 days and will contact you within one business day to get you setup. After one month, you’ll have a clear picture of the long term goals you can achieve with B&B software like Little Hotelier and how much easier your day-to-day processes become.

Bed and breakfast software reviews

If you can’t decide which bed and breakfast software provider you want to partner with, it’s very helpful to look at reviews. In most cases the reviews you read will be written by owners and managers with properties just like yours, so you can start to develop a more reliable opinion of the technology you may be about to purchase.

Hotel Tech Report and Capterra are two of the most reliable sources to see what customers are saying about B&B software providers – including Little Hotelier.

Hotel Tech Report provides an easy to navigate dashboard so consumers can see at a glance how well a particular system is regarded. A percentage meter quickly communicates how likely the product is to be recommended, with a ratings summary alongside specifying the strength of support, ease of use, ROI, and implementation. A menu allows navigation to pros and cons, screenshots of the product, features, written reviews, pricing, integrations and more.

Ratings on Capterra are broken down into a total rating out of five as well as a rating for ease of use, customer service, features and functionality, and value for money. The page will also include videos and screenshots as part of a product summary and there should be a comprehensive overview of what features the product does and does not offer. This makes it easy for you when comparing different providers. Reviewers can also give an overall impression of whether they would recommend the software to their peers.

Make sure you evaluate scores and written reviews in conjunction to get a comprehensive overview of each software provider you’re considering. Either one alone may not hold all the information you need to put your mind at rest. It’s also possible that specific concerns some people have are not important to you, and vice versa. Ultimately though, after researching reviews you should have an impression on whether a product is delivering on its promises to customers – allowing you to make a confident decision.

Bed and breakfast reservation software: compare providers

Smart buyers never purchase the first option they see – even if it’s a great option – without first assessing the whole marketplace.

Reservation software such as an online booking engine is extremely valuable for your property. An online booking engine will enable your property take commission-free bookings straight from your website and Facebook page. Little Hotelier includes direct booking technology as part of its offering.

Comparing providers is absolutely something you should do, taking careful note of the difference between:

  • Price
  • Functionality
  • Reviews
  • Reputation
  • Support
  • Integration capability

When it comes to the top providers of bed and breakfast software, your ultimate decision may come down to something small, such as a slight difference in price or one specific piece of functionality you’re looking for.

Watch a demo of Little Hotelier’s direct booking technology!

hotel reservation system demo

Selecting small inn reservation software

Small properties such as B&Bs with less than 10 rooms require specifically tailored software solutions. If you’re in this position, software like Little Hotelier could be perfect.

Little Hotelier was born precisely to ease the frustrations of small accommodation operators, prioritising ease of use, time-saving, and revenue generation. When guests stay at a small inn they expect a warm welcome and a homely experience – something you can’t give them when preoccupied with manually performing the daily operations at your property.

Now you’ve decided reservation software is what you need, keep your business goals firmly in mind when making an investment decision. Direct bookings delivered by an online booking engine via your website and social media pages are probably going to be a priority, since you’ll save money you might normally pay as commission to online travel agents such as

It can be helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I want to invest in bed and breakfast software?
  • What do I want to achieve for my business when using B&B software?
  • What features of B&B software are important to me?
  • Will the software make my life easier?
  • What’s my budget for reservation and booking software?

Realistically, purchasing software to manage your property will certainly make you happier and your business more successful so it’s simply a matter of identifying who the leaders in the industry – one of which is Little Hotelier.

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