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Bed and Breakfast Star ~Chapter 1~

Our brand-new sound story!

Bed and Breakfast Star ~Chapter 1~

Our new audio story!
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14 Responses to Bed and Breakfast Star ~Chapter 1~

  1. ankit pandya says:

    She reads so fast I can’t understand a words he’s saying ?????

  2. Jessica cooling says:

    It’s really fast but I don’t Ming ???

  3. Jessica cooling says:

    Mind *

  4. savannah murray says:

    Elsa~ from frozen LET IT GOO LET IT GOO

  5. Paddy's bucking life says:

    I love your accent

  6. Sarah Treacy says:

    She very fast

  7. Luna Lovegood says:

    @aidymoo can you read sleepovers next

  8. king of slaps says:

    @aidymoo plz read the diamond girls next

  9. Faiza Zahoor says:

    tooooooooooo fast unable to understand

  10. Isla Carpentier xx says:

    Lily alone

  11. cupcakeprincess says:

    i am called else (spelt like that, i know it’s spelt weird)

  12. Daisy Tolley says:

    This is too fast – can’t understand.

  13. Natasha Kershaw says:

    I don’t know why, but I never really liked Elsa’s mum in this book.

  14. Ava minecraft gamer -the princess of cats says:

    I red a tiny bit of this book at school

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