www.campaniapages.com… More than 400 years earlier on a famous roadway in Naples called "Spaccanapoli" one of the most incredible monumental structures was constructed for an extremely important noble household and best in regime at the time, called the Dukes of Carafa Di Maddaloni.
The Dukes Diomede, Carlo and Marzio IV transformed their dimorra into a jewel of baroque art and also an area of fantastic sweetheart monde, bordering the dimorra with the most renowned musicians at the time. Giacomo Casanova, Cosimo Fanzago and Giacomo del Pò were guests of the noble customers but it was due to music that the monumental structure of Palazzo Di Carafa luminated in the ages. During the 600's as well as the 800's in the big ballroom for parties, they would certainly arranged operetta's and also plays, serenades, concerts as well as in 1734 Giovanni Battista Pergolesi was employed at the service of Battle each other Marzio IV. The ballrooms of the structure would resonate with the notes of the most renowned concert performers of that time. Magaloff, Rubinstein, Hayfez are just a couple of the names that performed in the ballrooms of Palazzo Di Carafa however the list could continue. The battles of the second world battle as well as the earthquake of 1980 hurt the monumental structure greatly. However, a part of the structure has been entirely restored as well as reminded its grandeur and also each year hosts events as well as concerts at the highest of levels. Today, songs has actually returned in the walls of Palazzo Di Caraffa and also with the songs, the guests, the musicians the occasions and also art. Today any person with the need to experience again the feeling of the past can immerge oneself in the magic of this atmosphere, staying in the very same wall surfaces and spaces that background for over 400 years has actually woven its tapestry.

The video soundtrack is made up by Dario Candela:
Piano: Dario Candela
Flute: Rossana De Rogatis

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