B&B management basics: What is a channel manager?

bb management basics what is a channel manager bb management basics what is a channel manager

Nope, it’s not the remote control for the TV.

channel manager is a tool that you can use to steadily increase your profits while improving your brand recognition around the globe.

The only way to continue to generate more bookings throughout the year — regardless of the season — is to improve your reach in the global travel industry. As a B&B that specialises in a unique and intimate experience, it can be difficult to get your name out there without the right technology in place. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a Channel Manager?

A channel manager is a technology solution that can help you increase the number of distribution agents you partner and distribute your rooms with in the most effective way possible. Essentially, a channel manager works in cooperation with your property management system. It broadcasts your live rates and availability to an advanced network of distribution agents, all of whom have access to your information. The distribution agents can book directly through the channel manager, simplifying the booking process for both them and you.

What are the benefits of having a Channel Manager in place?

  • A channel manager allows you to connect to a diverse network of agents

From OTAs to independent retail travel agents, a channel manager gives you an opportunity to form a relationship with the agents who are most likely to book your rooms. You need a network of distribution partners that includes a variety of different agents, and the only way to effectively manage this network is with a channel manager.

  • A channel manager allows you to increase your bookings as well as your revenue

Once your channel manager is in place, you’ll find it is easy to increase the size of your distribution network. As your network increases and your reach in the industry expands, you will notice an organic growth in your bookings. You can also sell more rooms during your peak season at a higher rate, and still sell out during the slow travel times. As your bookings increase, your revenue will grow as well.

  • A channel manager eliminates logistical issues, such as overbooking your rooms

The channel manager connects with your property management system, instantly updating your availability so that everyone has access to the most recent and most reliable information. This minimises the need for the staff to complete manual booking entries and subsequently eliminates the risk of overbooking the rooms at your B&B.

A channel manager is an essential piece of technology for B&B operators who want to succeed in the instant, global travel industry. Little Hotelier offers a channel manager that is designed specifically for this niche sector of the accommodations industry, and it allows you as a B&B operator to connect to the distribution agents who are most likely to sell your products to their own customers.

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