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Barefoot Contessa Season 8 Episode 7 Bed And Breakfast

Barefoot Contessa Season 8 Episode 7 Bed And Breakfast

Barefoot Contessa Season 8 Episode 7 Bed And Breakfast

Barefoot Contessa Season 8 Episode 7 Bed And Breakfast
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12 Responses to Barefoot Contessa Season 8 Episode 7 Bed And Breakfast

  1. Lucy Bell says:

    that maple roasted bacon looked tasty and the garlic and herb tomatoes

  2. lflagr says:

    Nothing like a cheese plate that probably cost around $100 to put together 🙂

  3. Jessica Moore says:

    Most of her friends seem like such snobby sticks in the mud…she should have me over along with her gays…would be a good party. 🙂

  4. Misty Blue says:

    She freaks me out how she has 2 repeat everything that she’s making. Itz so irritating. & 4 ppl come 2gether is a party? Sigh

  5. Edward Lee says:

    Her recipes look good but the script and acting, whatever it is, is awful. I particularly love that she’s free and relaxed with her cooking method in that most non-cooks may be encouraged to try her recipes. But there are just certain things.

    1. The cameras just can’t seem to get her good side and she’s always wearing the same thing? If they are trying to hide her size, it’s not working; from the clothes she’s wearing to the angles of the camera.

    2. There’s a lack of vocabulary in her script and it’s almost cringey to see how much Nigella’s heritage is being poorly emulated in her shows. From the music to video montage of her carrying on with her daily life. Plus the lack or poor continuity is definitely something to look out for. One moment the guests are sitting on their chairs in the garden and suddenly they are on a table with half of the food already served.

    In terms of script, everything is either really good, gonna be great, great flavour, such great flavour, it’s going to be fun, I’m having fun and don’t have fun when I’m not around. She just seems to be lost for adjectives when she’s trying to convey what her food tastes like or how the food is interacting with her senses. I gave her the benefit of the doubt when I started with her shows from season 1, but eight seasons in, the script is barely updated, it’s almost awful to listen.

    And why does she always have to name her friends or whoever it is that is visiting? It’s so awkward, it feels like she’s giving them free unnecessary publicity and if she’s just using fake names then that’s just downright weird. Her interactions with her friends are also very wooden. Seems like her laugh is the loudest also because she keeps laughing so much, it’s really discomforting to watch. I almost feel bad for the friends she has since they don’t seem to jive well. Every show, she gives a reason why she’s cooking (i.e friends are visiting) then she goes on to say one thing and one thing only, it’s going to be fun. What the..? Did they use the same script from day 1???

    One more thing about the script. It’s REALLY BAD. AWFUL. CRAPPY. DISGUSTING. DISTASTEFUL. OBNOXIOUS.

    Does anyone care to notice that often in the process of cooking, she will describe whatever she’s making with “Not bad” or “How bad can that be?” and smiles to herself. That part of every show really gets on my nerves because no cook will ever describe their food or cooking as “Not bad”. As a phrase, I get it, “Not half bad”, “Not bad” is pretty acceptable but the way she’s saying it feels like a bad actor reading their lines and generally she can opt to say, “It’s going to be great” or it looks so good, it smells heavenly and etc.

    3. The part where she describes every detail of her cooking to her guests. It’s unnatural, comes as very snobby and who talks about that with friends you’re so excited to have over?

    4. For her clothing, she should really avoid dark colors and stick to calming and livelier pastel shades of blue, red, purple and green. When she wears dark colors omg it’s like having a jarring black spot in the picture bcos everything else she’s surrounded with is light colored!

    5. I’m partly OCD so I have a major problem with the way she doesn’t use up all her ingredients. Just in this video
    – she poured out so much maple syrup and used so little?
    – a juicer for ONE lime? Well, granted the lime is quite big, for a LIME.
    – the leftover dough for the cheese crackers on the table after she cut up enough.
    – the leftover bread after she arranged them the rest on the casserole for the bread pudding.

    Cringe. I find that I have to watch Nigella’s again just to mentally recover from this mess.

  6. SimStop says:

    “I hate when there’s paper on the cheese plate” 1% problems lmao

  7. TENNIS DUDE says:

    I truly love and respect this woman. ??❤️. She is very talented, a genuine good soul, and she loves her gays. ???️‍?

  8. Edward Lee says:

    Donnica Chi-Young! You’re right, I don’t! Did I say anything about being flawless myself though?

  9. Edward Lee says:

    headoverheels88 I’m head over heels about your review.

  10. Edward Lee says:

    AMANDA TIJERINA It’s about the food and her friends she tries to highlight every episode.

  11. Edward Lee says:

    MSMAGNOLIA1961 Don’t read.

  12. Edward Lee says:

    Scott McGillivray For a good reason, the food, indeed. We won’t see eye to eye on the production value so let’s give it a rest.

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