are you putting enough effort into your bbs instagram account

are you putting enough effort into your bbs instagram account are you putting enough effort into your bbs instagram account

On the surface, Facebook and Instagram seem very similar. They are casual social media sites where friends connect with one another to stay informed and catch up on their daily lives. Both platforms are extremely popular, image-centric social sites, but there are a few distinct differences that you must consider as a B&B operator. The posts that work well on Facebook may not appeal to your Instagram followers.

Here’s how to make the most of your B&B’s Instagram account:

Know your Instagram audience and cater your posts to them

The most motivated travellers on your Instagram feed may be different from your most engaging followers on Facebook. You need to know your Instagram audience, and create posts that will appeal to them. For example, if you are a B&B that offers farm-to-table cooking, you should use relatable hashtags that make it easy for foodies and Millennials to find you.

In addition, make sure that you post images of your food, describe what it is and use hashtags to reach your audience. Your Instagram posts should be distinct and unique, and created for the sole purpose of your Instagram audience.

Only use appealing, high-quality images

While visual elements play a powerful role on other social sites, images and videos are the sole purpose of Instagram. Grainy, dark or low-resolution images are not only ineffective at getting the attention of your target audience, they also could detract from your brand’s ability to grow on the platform. Any Instagram post or story that you create should be filled with vivid and interesting high-resolution images.

The point is to help your guests visit your B&B right from their Instagram feed, and to encourage them to book with you because of the beautiful experience that you offer.

Curate user content for your brand

One of the most common misconceptions about bolstering your brand on social media is that the content you post and share about your business is the most important. While it’s critical that you get it right when posting to Instagram, it’s actually the user-generated content that has the most powerful influence. By using brand hashtags, you can monitor all the posts your guests are sharing on Instagram about your property. In addition, you can invest in a user-generated content tool that will curate other users’ posts about your brand and share them on your social feeds. This allows you to take full advantage of this free marketing opportunity.

Instagram is one of the leading social platforms for travel brands, and it’s easy to see why. This is the type of social site that users scroll endlessly, because it allows them to escape the realities of their daily lives. Beautiful images of your B&B amenities, close-ups of your authentic meals and detail shots that offer a sneak peak into your experience are sure to capture the attention of prospective travellers.

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