5 key ingredients to a successful B&B loyalty scheme

5 key ingredients to a successful bb loyalty scheme 5 key ingredients to a successful bb loyalty scheme

The equation is simple, a successful B&B loyalty program will drive more direct bookings at your property. The bookings that result from a loyalty program are particularly beneficial because they are largely comprised of repeat bookings and referrals.

Travellers are more than happy to stay at places that offer enticing rewards programs, so it’s a good time to implement a B&B loyalty scheme at your property.

Here are five key ingredients to make it work for you:

Ingredient #1: Unique perks

Travellers are only going to sign-up for a rewards program which offers them value. This means you have to go beyond the basic perks, such as a discount on an upcoming stay or a small credit towards their next purchase. You need to create a program that offers unique perks, such as free luxury upgrades or a free night in your most desirable room. The rewards offered need to motivate guests to sign up immediately for your program.

Ingredient #2: Simplistic terms

When the fine print of your rewards program is extensive and the way to earn rewards feels complex or cumbersome, people are just going to opt out of it.

Keep it simple. Reward people quickly and frequently based on the number of times they stay at your B&B or how much money they spend while they are there.

Ingredient #3: Instant gratification

Travellers do not want to wait three, four or five stays before they receive any type of perk under your loyalty program. You need to create a system so that guests begin earning small rewards almost instantly, while still working toward larger perks.

For example, when they sign up for the loyalty program they could receive a free mug to use during their stay or immediately earn a future discount for repeated bookings at your B&B.

Ingredient #4: Accurate data

The best rewards programs are personalised to meet the needs of the individual guest. In order to customise your rewards program, you will need to collect data and use it to develop a rewards strategy.

It is imperative that you maintain an accurate database with relevant information about the guests who are enrolled in your loyalty program.

Ingredient #5: Track results

Once you have designed and implemented your rewards program, you need to go one step further and monitor the results of the scheme. You need to verify that your direct bookings are increasing, and evaluate the number of new program members that you have on a monthly or quarterly basis.

As you track your results, refine the rewards program so that it is more appealing to consumers while also being more effective at driving bookings.

Your B&B loyalty program has to benefit your brand as well as your guests. A well-designed loyalty program is going to provide you with a significant return on your investment.

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5 key ingredients to a successful bb loyalty scheme 2

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